Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 8- is it over yet???

Good news- my husband has more leave!

I definitely wasn't ready to care for the youngest two kids on my own today. I'm exhausted, in pain and looking forward to a big rest tomorrow. I now have an extra 6 days of help.

These last two days have definitely been the worst, and totally unexpected. Having said that though, I still think the last two days have been much, MUCH easier than the recovery I was anticipating. I think without a mobile, aggressive toddler the recovery would have been a breeze.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 8- All by myself

Ok, so today is the first day that I've had no help and so far, it hasn't been fun!

The baby (17 months) woke up after my husband left for work and decided to wake me up by punching me in the chest. I've been kicked during a nappy change and hurt myself putting the baby in the bath after having a nappy incident that no amount of wipes and patience could manage.

I also forgot that I can't extend my arms outwards and pulled one of my boobs causing the expoding pain again. It  is now very sore and swollen but nurofen and ice are helping, kind of.

I've had another good look and I am already so happy with the results! They are looking pretty bloody awesome. There is one pucker around my nipple that I am worried about but I can't tell if it is the actual stitching or the way that it is taped up. Some of the scarring around my other nipple is actually exposed and the work looks fantastic- the incision is so fine and delicate that it doesn't look like there will be a visible scar at all. It has actually healed much better than a paper cut on my finger that I did the same day. 

The boobs looks the same as yesterday. Swollen and multi-coloured but the stitches look fine.

All the colours of the rainbow...

My worry over getting the bandages off was unfounded, it hurt but really it was just like getting any other sticky plaster pulled off. The nurse remarked that I must have a really high pain threshold because most people complain and cry getting the bandages off. She also asked about how well I went in labour and said that she used to be a midwife and that you can always tell how well people will recover from surgery based on how well they do in labour. Maybe I will consider a tummy tuck after all!

The worry over what my boobs would look like was also unfounded, they look fine- sure the skin is iridescent, but they aren't the Frankenstein boobies that I was worried about. I'm trying to get some good pictures of the red and purple bruising along with the brightest yellow skin I have ever seen.

The surgeon is really happy with the size and symmetry and thinks I will be really happy with the shape. I agree, even at this early stage they are starting to look pretty fantastic.

I have to admit that while I like the fact that the itchy bandages have gone, I do miss the extra support of them. I had an awful experience getting into the car today- I could have sworn that something inside my left breast popped and was bleeding. It was excruciating!

Day 7- Worst day ever!

Ok, maybe not ever, but certainly the worst day so far!

Today is the first day I've had with any real pain.

I'm exhausted, nauseous and dizzy. Driving in the car is like torture but I'm hoping that not having these itchy bandages on will be worth it!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 6

Today there has been a slight increase in pain, but it is still tolerable.

I'm starting to worry about the area of large bruising because that is where the pain is increasing and I can feel a big lump of dried blood under the bandages. I'm hoping that it is just a bruise and not a hematoma. I guess I'll see tomorrow!

I have mixed feelings about the dressings coming off tomorrow. I can't wait for the pulling and itching of the dressings to go away but I'm also terrified of seeing the bruising/bleeding/stitches. I've been googling "day 5 post breast reduction photos" today and I have to say it isn't pretty. The boobs in the pictures look no where near as healed as I thought they would be. They look like they will come apart so easily.

I'm a bit disappointed to find out that I will only be seeing the nurse tomorrow and not the surgeon. Not sure why, I guess I just wanted the all clear from him, but I guess the nurse knows what she is doing.

The tiredness is continuing but it is getting much easier to sleep at night so I think that I should feel better soon.

What does it all cost?

When I tell people about the reduction, the most common question that I get is about costs. Here is a list of costs and rebates that I have incurred so far-

                                                       Cost          Medicare Rebate       PHI Rebate              Out of Pocket
Consultations with the surgeon          $240         $135                         $0                            $105
Surgeons fee                                    $4400       $975                         $324                        $3101
Anaesthetist                                     $1600       $600*                       $200*                      $800
Surgical Garment (bra)                     $154         $0                             $0                            $154              
                                                                                                                        TOTAL     $4160
So, as you can see, PHI actually pays for very little of the actual surgery. So many people say that are waiting for PHI to kick in or can't do it because they don't have PHI but after seeing how much they actually pay, it doesn't seem worth the wait.

*These figures are just approximate based on the quotes that I was given. Once it is all paid I will update them with the exact figure. There may also be a small rebate for the garment fee but so far no one can even give me a quote for how much so I'm not going to count on a rebate.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 5- Nothing New

Today is much the same as yesterday, no real pain, just a bit of tightness and itching.

The support garment came off today for about an hour and I have to say that it is quite uncomfortable without it. Once I had the bra off I noticed that there is a fairly large bruise on the right breast where the drain went in and some bleeding around the nipple on the left one. Other than that though, they look fine. No redness or swelling and both nipples look alive which is all that matters.

The strange sensations have continued, but I'm taking that as a good sign that the nerves are firing again and things are getting back to normal.